RV – Open Storage


An RV or camper is a wonderful resource for when the weather is beautiful. Unfortunately, many of us don’t have space in our yard, driveway, or garage to store a large vehicle like an RV. With the average size of a motorhome being up to 25 feet in length, finding storage is no small feat!

Storage Spot offers wide, spacious open storage facility options specifically for RV storage. As one of the most trusted storage facilities in Arizona, we provide a variety of sizes and styles of parking spaces so you can find your ideal RV storage solution.

In addition to storage, security is a major factor in RV or camper storage. Our storage facilities are well-lit and highly secure with 24/7 surveillance. The safety of your vehicle is our top priority and we take whatever methods necessary to ensure your belongings are secure.

Storage Preparation for Your RV

Preparing your RV or camper is crucial to help ensure it stays in good shape while in storage. Here are some tips to help guide you:

  • Clean out any water or sewage tanks
  • Unplug the battery and any electrical devices
  • Inspect any devices that could drain the battery if plugged in
  • Top off propane tanks and shut off gas supplies
  • Fill up your gas tank and other fluids such as brake or windshield wiper fluid
  • Turn off any appliances that use gas such as ovens, stoves, and so forth
  • Expel as much moisture as possible from your pipes, especially in the winter
  • Pour a bit of antifreeze in the radiator, pipes, drains, and toilets
  • Remove tires to avoid deflation if it will be in storage for a longer period of time
  • Close off and reseal the roof if needed
  • Board up vents to prevent animals and bugs from entering
  • Lubricate hinges on all doors
  • Clean out and unplug your refrigerator/freezer, leaving the doors open
  • Remove perishables and food

By following this guideline, you can help make sure your vehicle is as prepared as possible for a long-term storage solution! Have additional questions about our RV storage? Contact us at Storage Spot today to learn more.